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o travel around a fantasy world, to wield a mighty sword and to converse with other travellers who have come from afar to enter the realm of the Edge. A player requires tools necessary to do the task. Here is a collection of MUD clients for you to download for various platforms as well as some guidance on how to get started with them.

Zmud :: A Windows based MUD client, and one of the most popular clients out there. Easy to use.
Gmud :: A very small Windows based client.
RoAClient :: A free Windows based MUD client. It is packed with features that specifically utilize RoAClient server code.
The Edge of Creation doesn't currently utilize these features, but as a MUD client, it offers a little more than the average.
Rapscallion :: A Mac based MUD client, very much similar to Zmud.
Tintin :: A Linux/Unix based MUD client. It is fully text based, and offers many different options.
TinyFugue :: A Linux/Unix based MUD client. One of the most popular and powerful mud clients.
Cantrip :: Cantrip is a Mac based MUD client. Has scripting and triggers available.

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