Denizens of the Edge

There are currently 9 known races populating the lands of Portal, some highly intelligent, and other not so. Your choice of race is one of the main decisions before you begin to explore and interact within the Edge of Creation. Some races will have special abilities and are sometimes more suited to particular classes, while others do not have and are more of a challenge to play. Like class, your choice is what makes you what you are.

Drow :: Sinister and evil, also called Dark Elves.
Dwarves :: Short, hardy and often hairy; cantankerous in personality, noble in heart.
Elves :: Graceful and swift like the wind, close to nature and the earth.
Gnomes :: Demi-human creatures, well suited for magic and religion.
Goblins :: Small, sneaky and quick; often underestimated.
Halflings :: Small, quick and clever opportunists; mischievous and headstrong.
Humans :: The generic race, with no inherent strengths or weaknesses.
Ogres :: Tall, powerful and deadly in combat; the prototypical warrior.
Orcs :: Large, squat and smelly; make exceptionally deadly warriors.

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