How The Edge Came To Be: A Historical Fiction

s historians of a different age, we have taken the liberty of preserving what our fathers before us have laid down to be remembered and why we exist today. Even though we are cartographers, we are also historians of a different nature. As we preserve the land through our diligent records of map keeping, we also preserved the integrity of the people that populate the lands by recording their recollections of the past, present and future during our travels.

In co-operation with the historians of Portal City, we have created the Tomes of History. A seven volume set that compiles a collection of memories, manuscripts, and legends of an ancient time, describing the history of Portal as the people knew it then and as we know it today.

1: The Creation
2: The Spirits
3: The Creation of Races
4: The War
5: The Confining
6: The Aftermath
7: The State of Affairs

The Creation :: Volume 1

Our ancestors long praised for their Gift of Remembrance, passed along the story of Mal-Hodi the Creator. How he created the World from the spaces of Limbo and set it among the stars of the Primal Plane.

In the beginning there was only Mal-Hodi, no other master existed before him. It was Mal-Hodi who created the World and all its creatures. Over time through the evolution of his creations, Mal-Hodi decided to take from himself and create Humans, he was pleased.

He gave them the power to create to mould their environment, they developed thought and reason; thus separating Humans from the rest of his creations. As they evolved, they spread out across the World creating and possessing all that they can see, their connection to the Balance of the World became tenuous as their existence soon disrupted Mal-Hodi's other creations.

To restore the Balance, Mal-Hodi out of the World he created, he summoned forth the Elemental Spirits to restore what his human creations have taken for granted. These spirits equal in their strengths and power were created with two sides, balanced as Mal-Hodi decreed upon all his creations. Aenthiel-Lohythas Lady of Water, Magnar-Unak Lord of Fire, Bearvan-Garthok Lord of Earth and Vapelle-Breniu Lady of Air. With Mal-Hodi as Master of Nature; the World existed in harmony again.

The Spirits :: Volume 2

For a time, there was peace and tranquility. Mal-Hodi was delighted as his Human creations prospered and persevered against the odds. Unlike himself, a being of long-life, Humans existed for a short time. As they developed and became organized in their existence, two Spirits of Power manifested themselves from their consciousness.

Mal-Hodi took notice of this and allowed this change to manifest itself as each Spirit created balanced each other in his Balance of the World. However, unlike the existing gods who sought only to maintain and help evolution in the world, the Spirits each had a Purpose. The Spirits were the Spirit of Law and Spirit and Chaos. Unknown to Mal-Hodi during this time, they were both at war with each other and each of the Spirits realized the potential power of the existing gods. As his Human creations grew and divided, the power of the Spirits grew with them.

Unforeseen by this growing power of each Spirit, The Spirits of Consciousness tried to subvert the gods to their respective side. Each Spirit an extension created by his children from his Balance, Mal-Hodi was unable to prevent the turmoil. None of the lesser gods could stand the strain to their balance and instead of joining one side or the other they were rent in two. Each half of the Elemental Spirits joined one side or the other; only Mal-Hodi could maintain his Balance. As battles began, Mal-Hodi withdrew in pain as his children and creations fought themselves.

The Creation of Races :: Volume 3

The two sides now warred for control of the World; over time throughout this conflict, Mal-Hodi and the other gods discovered that not all his Human children were divided. His Balance was still being maintained, although there were groups of humans who joined each side, neither army was large enough to win control of the World. And so it was, and thats how life came to be.

As the conflict continued throughout this time, the population decreased alarmingly with the Human race as they had once prospered rapidly; Aenthiel and Lohythas, soon realized that more was needed to fight. Aenthiel called upon her own powers of creation and made the Elves to help fight for Law. Aenthiel with foresight, created her Elves with the Gift of Life, longer than the Humans. Seeing this, Lohythas took Aenthiel's creation and placed her powers of destruction to form the Drow.

And so it went, soon all the Spirits of Law with their powers, created in their own fashion similar to the humans of Mal-Hodi, their own race; or with some, the Spirits of Chaos changed and perverted what was already created to suit their purposes. Each god instilling their own essence into each race with a specific Gift with the hopes that they would be superior over the other's creation. That is how things came to be and how life exists in variety today.

The War :: Volume 4

Now with their armies of different races lead by a Spirit and the Gods wars of escalating sizes quickly grew and raged. Creators on both sides making many monsters and creatures. As time passed Champions on both sides arose and some where invested with sparks of divinity by their patron Gods. These Champions became the captains of each army. Both sides fought on an almost even par, but then most of the humans, still by far the most numerous race placed their allegiance to that of Law. The help of armies of mortals to the Alliance of Law managed to defeat the Hordes of Chaos.

The Confining :: Volume 5

When the forces of Chaos were on the verge of total defeat Mal-Hodi stepped in again. With the loyalty of the neutral humans behind him he informed Law that Chaos would not be destroyed. The combined forces of Balance and Chaos were stronger than Law. Mal-Hodi would help Chaos as long as Law sought total annihilation of its opponents. Instead Law confined Chaos to a single island continent.

The Aftermath :: Volume 6

Chaos is now totally confined upon its one continent, although it is not alone upon there. Law still maintains a presence. The battle of Law and Chaos still rages at a slower pace and smaller scale. Law seeks to grow to enable it to cleanse Chaos from the world totally and Chaos seeks to escape from its confinement.

The State of Affairs :: Volume 7

The Great portals that spanned the continents for transportation of armies were turned to all face into the continent, with none leading back out. On the rest of the world any beings who show taints of chaos such as theft or murder are banished through the portals. Crusaders seeking to aid Law or those just seeking excitement are also free to use the portals to travel to the disputed continent. Law sits with its great city on the exit of the portals holding the bridgehead against Chaos escaping.

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