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Edge of Creation has undergone many changes from a stock smaug. This list is to give an experienced smaug player a quick list of what things we offer more than a normal smaug.
(This list is in no way definative or shows everything.)

  • Subclasses at level 20, each class splits into 3 meaning 33 classes.
  • Deities with a background, history and purpose.
  • Players may buy, and customize houses. Add rooms, furniture, doors and many other configurations.
  • Player backgrounds to show where your character comes from, what equipment they begin with, and even special skills they can learn..
  • Five types of money. Copper, Silver, Gold, Platinum and Mithril.
  • Many new areas unique to Edge of Creation including the Academy and Portal City.
  • 100 Levels to advance through.
  • Over 740 skills open to players.
  • Questmasters give out over 120 programmed quests and infinate random.
  • Armor has sizes which match to character sizes.
  • Past level 50 you can advance your statistics past the old maximums.
  • Player controlled clan ranks.
  • Twohanded weapons.
  • Specfic weapon skills.
  • How good you are with a weapon is rated on your base adept and also your adept in skills, expert, master and grandmaster of that weapon.
  • Spellcasters have apprentice, adept and master rating in various skills that grant faster casting, cheaper spells, extra mana and more.
  • Donation rooms now have keepers to separate items and keep track of levels.
  • Customizable color code. Don't want chat to be the normal cyan? Change it, and anything else, to whatever color you want.
  • Multiclassing has been added. Either two or three classes at character creation. Multiclassed characters cannot subclass.
  • Experience for rooms explored. Gain experience simply by walking around and exploring new areas!
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