Varrius-Guardian of Time

In the aftermath of the war, many kingdoms arose under the banners of their guardians and Gods, all of which were questing to be the most powerful. One such kingdom hired a young noble elf named Varrius to create the ultimate weapon. Eager to prove himself, Varrius explored the powers of time travel.

These powers were indeed the ultimate weapon, but uncontrollable. In an effort to focus the powers, an unspeakable force was released, time lost cohesion, and a kingdom was destroyed. Varrius, beholding what he had done to his own people, seized the power in both fists in order to contain it. At that moment he saw everything, and then nothing

Sometime before this dreadful disaster, when the Gods first began to choose their champions and guardians, a young elf stepped forward. No one called upon him, or even knew who he was, but inside, dwelling beneath the dark sadness in his heart, the Gods saw an amazing power. This was the Guardian of Time.

What is the cost of immortality? Heh Everything.

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