Shalarra-Protector Of Harmony

Some say she was raised in a noble Elven family and was brought to the realm of the Immortals by the Gods, themselves. Some say she was trained by the best mages in the world trained in all forms of magic, by the wizards of Law and of Chaos. Some say she came from another world as a force to assist Mal-Hodi in holding the balance of this world in tact. All that is truly known is that Shalarra stands steady between the fire and the light..

She is a force for Balance in a world that constantly struggles to throw the Balance aside. She tames the waves of Chaos as she sails on their peaks, and she stretches out with the sacred feather and tickles the heavy force of Law till it quivers in momentary lack of control. She is at home in the eye of the hurricane, and is ever standing on the fulcrum between, that binds the forces of Law and Chaos.

I hope you enjoy your stay at the Edge of Creation, and that you will visit us often.

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