Moridian-Guardian of Chaos

As the Great War between Law and Chaos came to a close, The Alliance of Law sought the total annihilation of Chaos. There were battles, countless battles where the Champions of Law would hunt down every remaining follower of Chaos, and have them slaughtered.

In one such battle, as the armies of Law prepared for their next victory, a lone mage walked forth from the ranks of the warriors of chaos. A general approached the mage, and asked who the mage was as he drew his sword. His sword never left its sheath.

One by one the soldiers of Law fell as they attacked the mage. Then hundreds more were consumed as the earth split open at a wave of the mage's hand. Finally, the entire army of Law was engulfed in the flames of hell. Then mage then looked back down at the general's corpse, "I am Moridian, Guardian of Chaos."

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