Iosim-Guardian Of The Forests

In the time of the great wars between Law and Chaos the world was ravaged and scarred deeply by the violence. Deep in the primal forests lived Iosim, highest of the Druids of the land. While the battles raged on throughout the world, Iosim used the force of all his formidable powers to hold a protective shield around his precious forests. The energy he expended over the entire duration of the wars was enormous, and it took its toll on him, but he was relentless and refused to let go.

In the end, the forests remained intact, damaged very little by the ravages of the wars. Iosim's efforts were in no way unnoticed by Mal-Hodi, and by Faelle, as well. When the rebuilding and reorganizing began the weary Iosim was lifted into the realm of the Guardians, where he can protect and watch over the forests of the land forever.

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