Angelus-Dark Angel

Little is known about the true nature of the one called Dark Angel. What is known of him, he was once a servant of Law named Angelus. An archangel, a harbinger for the forces of Law. He preceded the forces of Law announcing the coming of Chaos' destruction, some say he was the amongst the first to fall prey to the whisperings of Chaos. Others claimed and have told many stories that he was lured to the darkness by Pandora, Queen of the Vampires.

The stories themselves tell of Pandora, amused by the enrapture of one of Law's own servants, she quickly and delightfully, in a mood worthy of Chaos after many moons of painful torture, altered Angelus internally by darkening his heart and making him hunger for the life of man. Emotionally, his mind was clouded by uncertainty and eventually doubt, allowing it to be susceptible to Chaos' dark influence. Physically, as a reminder that he was once a servant of Law, changed his angelic wings to match his dark heart; what was once white, now is black. A Dark Angel. A name conferred by fear from the unfortunate, a name mutated through hate by those once claimed as comrades and friends, a name worshipped by those who live in the dark.

How he came to stand amongst the Guardians, is a mystery that surrounds Angelus. Born by the light and taken into the dark. Most people of the world fear him; in a different circle, some revere him. Others believe, to atone for his crime against his own, although never to return to the side of Law or Chaos if the truth be known, some say Mal-Hodi beckoned him to the stand on side of Balance.

What is certain about the Dark Angel, he stands on the border of life and death. Taking what he needs, what he desires, forever alone.

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