Professions of Portal

You are born to a life of hardship. During this life, the path you choose is what makes you the person you become. Choosing a class is one of the main aspects of your character (along with name & race), it is your profession or vocation. It determines what you can do as you enter the realm Portal.

Depending on your class, you can gain valuable combat training, magical ability, skills and more. Listed below are the various main classes and their available sub-class. As you progress to a certain level in your character development, sub-class options open up, allowing you to choose one to increase in power and ability.

Main Classes :: Sub-Classes
AUGURER :: Invoker Psionic Scholar
AVENGER :: Despoiler Nihilist Ravager
CLERIC :: Exorcist Healer Templar
DRUID :: Hierophant Soothseer Wiccan
MAGE :: Archmage Mystic Warlock
OCCULTIST :: Demonist Exarch Inquisitor
PALADIN :: Crusader Knight Warden
RANGER :: Nomad Scout Shifter
THIEF :: Assassin Bard Spy
VAMPIRE :: Hunter Magus Shadow
WARRIOR :: Blade Cavalier Thug

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