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T he Watchers is an organization founded on balance in the world. Not at all new to this world, but new to the public. Clouded in mystery, the organization has always been behind the scenes making sure neither Law nor Chaos got too powerful. As of late, the balance started tipping. Not wanting to waste any time, it was decided that the Order should go public. Wanting to draw in the people who have no direction in life, as well as grow in size, to keep gaining new members everyday and keep the world in Balance, the Watchers will do everything in their power to do so. The essence of Mal-Hodi can be felt within the ancient caverns of the Watchers headquarters. Watching over the leaders so they don't stray or falter, the presence of balance will soon be felt through the lands. With peace in the near future, the only thing more promising than that, is the growth and power for The Watchers.

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