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The Cabal started with one drow, and was created for one reason. To put all that is evil back in power. His name was Helex Bloodlet. He began his quest to build an army that would eventualy become known as The Cabal. He went from town to town killing all that was good in his path, always leaving his mark on his victims. This mark would soon become know as "The Mark of the Cabal". It is by this that word of The Cabal spread. As Helex continued he realized that even he was not strong enough to defeat all that was good by himself. He would need help. He would need an army. An army bred souly for the purpose of destroying. One by one Helex hunted down the strongest of warriors, and most adept of mages and he would persuade them to join in his army. The army has grown and become renowned through the world. The Cabal is now a household name. It strikes fear into the hearts of the bravest warriors. It has swept over the land like a plague. It consumes all in its path. Will you be a victim? Or join and be like a god?

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