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uring the creations of the races there were those who had been so twisted by the chaotic spirits of the realm that madness engulfed them. The chaos god was pleased with these demented creatures as they wrecked havoc across the land. Cuchlain, the Battle Lord, had seen the potential of their fighting spirits and thus even furthered there power beyond any of they're other minions. Cuchlain then proclaimed that these corrupted souls would be the turning point in the war and convinced Heratius to construct a castle that would house there great army.

After countless battles had passed, chaos was still unable to make progress with there great army. Legions of their men had died to the soldiers of law. In attempts to stay in good faith with the other spirits of chaos, Cuchlain looked for a new general to lead the armies of the abyss. The dark Battle Lord had finally achieved his goal and recruited a mysterious soldier named, Ryo. Cuchlain then bestowed within him a great fighting spirit to conquer the side of Law. Cuchlain later met with Haratius to help further the cause by constructing the unholy army with armor that would be able to withstand Law's onslaught and finally crush the opposing forces. Haratius agreed once more and then constructed the army with new armor. Cuchlain then command that his general find those who would benefit the cause and bring them into the darkness. With the wishes of the chaos gods, they look only to cause the destruction of law and this pathetic realm.

Those with only a true chaotic soul will be inducted and the rest will meet the burning fires of hell. Thus the gods commanded and we obey

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